Journeying Soul

The aim at Journeying Soul is to help every soul to experience its life fully,
magically, daringly and beautifully. To be a bridge to your real Self. To
facilitate the re-discovery of your wholeness and perfection, and provide you
with inspiration, techniques and tools to do so. And to assist you mark the
changes and transitions of the human experience with ceremonies and rituals that
are meaningful, empowering and transforming. Journeying Soul is a growing
project which offers bespoke ceremonies (wedding blessings, baby naming,
funerals, house and business blessings and so forth), spiritual counselling and
coaching and we are working in the development of workshops, e-products and

So Welcome to Journeying Soul, whoever you are. I am hoping to
serve you, who are spiritual but not religious; and you, who
are religious but spiritually open; as well as you, who are neither,
but want to honour your life’s stages in a significant way.

Welcome to Journeying Soul